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Tsuga Careers

Are you looking for a place where you can be creative, collaborate with good people, and equip outdoor adventurers of all kinds with packs that take them further? A career at Tsuga brings all of this to the table!

What It's Like to Work at Tsuga


We are a busy and creative team where everyone gets along, pitches in to get the job done and thinks ahead to help one another out. No gossip, no egos, no drama. Just a crew that's psyched to be here and wants to do whatever possible to help the culture grow.

Laidback & Fun

While our team is always on the go, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We work to maintain a relaxed, happy environment and, if we see someone scrambling, we immediately jump in to help out.

We are big fans of product testing. We believe in the functionality of our designs and encourage the team to get out and put our gear to the test.

Creative Freedom & Critical Thinking

Creativity is encouraged and valued at Tsuga. We love wild ideas and innovative solutions, but we also encourage critical thinking and asking hard questions. We value creative collaboration and critical thinking, and work to use these tools to make our ideas, projects, and products better than before.

Work-Life Balance

Folks here love the high degree of control and freedom with their jobs. We work full time and longer hours when needed, but we enjoy a flexible work schedule that enables us to give time to the passions and people we love outside of the shop.

Our team is free to make their own schedule, whether that means working from 7am to 3pm, or 11am to 7pm.

Our Back Yard

The High Country: where the temps are most always perfect, humidity always low. Home to some of the best biking, climbing, paddling, hiking, camping, music, and kind hearted folks. It's where Tsuga was born and inspired to make the gear we use.

Open Positions

Associate Soft Goods Designer

Job Summary:

We are seeking an Associate Soft Goods Designer who is comfortable with an industrial sewing machine, capable of creating patterns and sewing, and has an extensive understanding of seams and hardware attachment. The ideal candidate will have mechanical knowledge relevant to soft goods production, be familiar with tech pack creation, and possess a creative mindset to contribute to the design of Tsuga's mountain biking packs and outdoor gear. This position involves sketching, prototyping, and contributing to design development projects.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Design Support: Collaborate closely with the design team to contribute to the development of innovative outdoor gear and soft goods. Assist in translating design concepts into technical fabric design, cutting patterns, and precise seam allowance to ensure high-quality and functional products.
  • Design Allocation: Allocate approximately 70% of work time to design-related tasks, including sketching, prototyping, and exploring new techniques to continually improve product aesthetics and functionality.
  • Production & Sewing Assistance: Dedicate approximately 15% of work time to supporting production processes, including sewing and other aspects related to the manufacturing of soft goods.
  • Innovative Design Approaches: Proactively seek and propose innovative approaches to design, material usage, and production processes, aiming to elevate product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Be a Learner: Exhibit a strong sense of self-motivation and a passion for learning, staying abreast of industry trends, and continuously improving design and technical skills.
  • Physical Requirements: Possess the physical capability to stand for extended periods, up to 90% of the workday, and handle the lifting of rolls of fabric weighing between 50 to 100 lbs.


  • Starting Hourly Base: $20-$25/hr
  • Based on the candidate's skill set and reevaluated after 90 days dependent on performance


  • Employee discount on Tsuga products
  • Pro deals from other brands
  • Flexible schedule
  • On-the-job training
  • Paid Holidays

Skills & Requirements:

  • Degree in Industrial Design or Textile Design or 3-5 years of commensurate experience in soft goods design
  • Experience in soft goods manufacturing, industrial sewing and pattern making
  • Familiarity with 3D parametric modeling and experience in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign is a plus
  • End-to-End product development experience
  • Communication and client relations
  • Experience working directly with Marketing and Industrial Design teams preferred

Stand Out Skills:

  • Active Lifestyle, ideally likes to ride and has knowledge of the bike or outdoor industry
  • Adept 3D modeling
  • Hands on soft good prototyping and patterning skills

If you feel over-experienced or over-qualified, reach out anyways and let’s talk!

Culture & Schedule:

  • Tsuga offers a clean, modern factory environment with a non-toxic, open-minded culture
  • Full Time: Monday - Friday
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule, choosing 8 working hours within an available 12-hour window

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