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Tsuga Careers

Career Opportunities

Tsuga is growing fast and we're looking for kind folks to join our crew. New opportunities and increasing demand continue pushing us to expand and grow our team of makers and creative thinkers - we want you to be a part of it!

What It's Like to Work at Tsuga

Collaborative & Drama-Free Culture

We are a busy and creative team where everyone gets along, pitches in to get the job done and thinks ahead to help one another out. No gossip, no egos, no drama. Just a crew that's psyched to be here and wants to do whatever possible to help the culture grow.

Laidback Workplace

While our team is always on the go, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We work to maintain a relaxed, happy environment and, if we see someone scrambling, we immediately jump in to help out.

Creative Hub

Creativity is encouraged and valued at Tsuga. We love wild ideas and innovative solutions, but we also encourage critical thinking and asking hard questions. We value creative collaboration and critical thinking, and work to use these tools to make our ideas, projects, and products better than before.

Work-Life Balance

We enjoy a flexible work schedule that enables us to give time to the passions and people we love outside of the shop.

Our team is free to make their own schedule, whether that means working from 7am to 3pm, or 11am to 7pm.

High Country Ethos

The High Country: where the temps are most always perfect, humidity always low. Home to some of the best mountain biking, climbing, paddling, hiking, camping, music, and kind hearted folks. It's where Tsuga was born and inspired to make the gear we use.

Also, we are BIG fans of product testing. We believe in the functionality of our designs and encourage the team to get out and put our gear to the test.

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