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Gear Review: Eldorado Hip Pack

Gear Review: Eldorado Hip Pack

Before launching the Eldorado Hip Pack, our team spent months testing the pack in the Pisgah and collaborating with a group of Beta testers based in premiere mountain biking spots across the country. Our testers offered unique perspective and unbiased feedback as we dialed our hip pack's design, allowing us to create what is now the Eldorado Hip Pack Collection. Read on to check out what they have to say.


Kristian Jackson

Senior Lecturer of Recreational Management at Appalachian State, Professional Mountain Bike Coach, Trail Boss at Rocky Knob Bike Park

"In mountain biking, the equipment is an essential component of the ride. Without it, there is no ride. Good equipment can make for a great ride, but the best equipment merges its form into function and creates an exceptional ride. This is what I look for in equipment: gear that does its job, but gets out of the way of the experience. Tsuga’s Eldorado Hip Pack does this in style. Built on a climbing harness style waist belt, the pack stays put and disappears until it's needed. The pack features everything you need for a ride and nothing you don’t. Plus, the versatility of the attachment points allows a wide variety of kit options for longer or shorter missions in warmer and colder climates. I’ve used many hip packs, but this one is the one I grab for the perfect ride."


Josh Taylor

Beta Tester, Local Pisgah Rider, Keeper of the Donuts
"I'm an experienced mountain biker of 25+ years. Two years ago I tried mountain biking with a hip pack for the first time...I had always worn a backpack prior. Not having a sweaty hot back was the game changer I figured it would be however the hip packs I tried just were not comfortable. I found myself teetering back and forth between hip packs and my backpack over those two years.
The Tsuga Eldorado put an end to that, I'm 100% a hip pack convert now! The Eldorado is so comfortable that I literally forget I'm wearing it. With other hip packs I had to cinch them down uncomfortably tight yet they would still shift around or peel off my lower back. The Eldorado on the other hand fits like a glove...even if I run it a little loose. Personally, the level of comfort is the thing that puts this pack in a league of its own.
Beyond the amazing fit, this pack has many great features. A big one is the ease of water bottle access. Grabbing or returning a water bottle while riding is super simple and the bottle pouches require no elastic straps to keep water bottles securely in place...even on the roughest trails. The modular feature of the Tsuga hip pack is amazing as well. Having the ability to quickly remove the pack from the waistband so you can throw the pack inside another bag rather than transfer all your tools and gear is brilliant!
The Eldorado hip pack checks all the boxes. The fact that Tsuga is a company/employer building products in North Carolina makes it even better. I personally strive to buy US-made cycling products when possible and Tsuga is dedicated to that vision. The build quality of the Eldorado pack well surpasses what you get from the big "designed in the USA (made in China)" pack makers. This is a quality boutique product that has to be held in hand, used, and experienced."


Brian Williams

Beta Tester, Fox Racing Rep
"I've been mountain biking for close to 15 years and during that time I have tried numerous variations of backpacks and hip packs to carry the gear, food and water needed for a ride. I found backpacks to be too hot and cumbersome so I switched over to hip packs. Most were either too big and bulky or too minimalist and all of them were difficult to keep from bouncing around once they were actually packed to capacity. Durability has also been a concern with several packs failing in some regard after only a short lifespan.
Recently, I got the chance to try out the Tsuga Eldorado hip pack, and right out of the box I could tell that this pack was on a new level compared to the other packs I've used. The quality of materials, sewing, and attention to detail were immediately evident and it just felt like a pack that was built to last through many years, and miles, of use. On the trail, the pack stayed firmly in place, with no bouncing around and no mid-ride adjustments required to keep it that way. The organization inside the pack was adequate without being overkill and the little details like the low-profile buckle and high-quality zippers all make for a very refined product.

What really sets this hip pack apart from the competition is its versatility. With two hip belts and three different pouch sizes to choose from you can get exactly the features and capacity you need. It's also nice on occasion to leave the pouch off altogether when all you need to carry are the bare essentials. And, when the season changes from warm to cold and you need to carry more gear, you no longer have to purchase an entirely new pack- just order a larger pouch and use your existing hip belt and you are ready to take that extra layer or hat. The Tsuga Eldorado is a high-quality hip pack, built with passion in North Carolina, that offers premium performance and style. What's not to like?"


Joseph Crocker

Beta Tester, Senior Lecturer of Sustainable Technology at Appalachian State

"I have used the pack on approximately 12 good rides at this point and love it! The streamlined design and style is great. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is evidently high end. The pack carries well and looks good. I own two of the Osprey mountain bike specific hip packs already and find myself choosing the Tsuga pack over the Osprey every time. I am looking forward to the finished product and the slightly larger size for bigger outings!"


Andrew Farris

Beta Tester, Mountain Bike Instructor and Coach
"I’ve got about 500 miles on my 2L Eldorado and couldn’t be more stoked on it. It doesn’t slide down my butt or cut into my gut, unlike other hip packs I’ve used. The Eldorado has pretty much replaced all my other packs because it’s big enough for 25 miles in Pisgah but doesn’t feel bulky on an after-work rip. I really like being able to stash my pads or an extra layer (or both) behind the pack rather than strapped to the outside."
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